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  1. 2019 Genie Group Member of the Year

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    2019 Genie Group Member of the Year

    We are proud to share with everyone that at this year’s 2019 Genie Group Conference, we not only won an award for “Excellence in Growth” but were also honored to be named the 2019 Genie Group Member of the Year! Check out the award video and some pictures from the event.

    2019 Genie Group Member of the Year photo
    Genie MoY
  2. Mega Releases Patented Lockable Female IEC Connectors and Outlets

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    Mega Releases Patented Lockable Female IEC Connectors and Outlets

    Mega Electronics releases Unique Patented Lockable female C13 and C19 IEC Connectors and Outlets. Suitable for use with any standards C14 or C20 inlet. Connectors cannot be accidentally pulled or vibrated out of the inlet. Guards against accidental disconnection of computers, PDUs, servers and most network devices. Available from stock with worldwide plug configurations and fully certified with the major international standards

    PDF Icon Locking Power Cords

    Click here to learn more about Mega’s locking power cord and outlet solutions.

  3. TT Electronics Introduces the HM79M Power Inductor

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    TT Electronics Introduces the HM79M Power Inductor

    PDF Icon HM79M Series Datasheet

    TT Electronics, a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications, announced the HM79M family of power inductors, surface mount power inductors with ferrite core for industrial applications including automation systems, DC-DC converters, and EMI filters. The HM79M series are low cost medium power surface mount power inductors that offer system designers low DC resistance and high saturation current with an operating temperature range of -55°C to +125°C. Available in a wide range of inductances and package sizes, these inductors are ideal for high efficiency DC-DC converters using high switching frequencies to 3 Mhz as well as EMI and low pass DC filter.

    “Low core loss and high saturation current are key features for a wide range of current and yet-to-be-developed applications – particularly in automotive and industrial markets,” said Raj Kumar Singaraju, Global Product Line Director, Magnetics, TT Electronics. “TT’s HM79M series inductors bring a flexible selection of inductances and package sizes for high efficiency and high power density applications where performance and reliability are crucial.”
    For deeper insight on the HM79M series applications and performance specifications, please access our datasheets and other supporting documents:

    Click here to explore TT’s custom electromagnetics solutions.

  4. Sign Up Today for TT University!

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    TT University
    October 7-9, 2019
    The Westin Irving Convention Center
    Irving, TX

    TT Electronics is excited to host the 2019 TT University program for a select group of their most valued distributors and sales representatives!

    TT University presents in-depth training, unbiased guidance, and actionable strategies for our sales and distribution partners to identify and solve design challenges using TT’s engineered electronics. Taught by our expert Field Applications Engineers and Product Line Management teams, these sessions enhance your understanding of how to apply design solutions to real-world applications that support innovation and deliver a new competitive advantage.

    Why Attend TT University?

    How-To Guidance
    Pose tough questions and hear the latest research and recommendations from TT expert speakers and peers.

    Examine Emerging Trends
    Dive deep into technical topics that are most challenging in a dynamic setting where you can ask questions, vet ideas and proactively problem-solve with TT and your peers.

    Real-World Solutions
    Explore the latest TT technologies changing the applications landscape. Meet face-to-face with knowledgeable representatives.

    Impactful Networking
    Interact with your peers to gain firsthand insights from those facing similar challenges to yours.


    Tuesday, October 7

    • Arrivals
    • Welcome Reception

    Wednesday, October 8

    • Optoelectronics
    • Variables/EPS Sensors
    • Discrete Semiconductors & RF Power MOSFETs
    • Dinner and Outing

    Thursday, October 9

    • Resistors
    • Magnetics (including custom medical magnetics through our acquisition of Precision, Inc.)
    • Departures

    A more detailed agenda will be sent to registered attendees in the late August timeframe.

    Sign Up Here

    Take advantage of special TT Electronics hotel room rates.

    The Westin Irving Convention Center at Las Colinas is brand new with its debut in June 2019. Centered amid the beating heart of the dynamic dining and entertainment district, this hotel is is immersed in a lively landscape with easy access to the Toyota Music Factory, championship golf and the newest restaurants in Las Colinas. Explore the Dallas-Fort Worth, TX area via the DART light rail, just steps from the hotel. Discover the fresh face of Irving at this inspiring hotel.

    Westin Irving is offering very competitive room rates to attendees from October 7 to October 9 at this TT University event. Room rates are $179 for a traditional king bed (room rate only).

    Bookings must be made by Friday, September 13 by providing your check in/check out dates in the registration survey.

    Hotel parking is available in the parking garage adjacent to the Hotel. For all attendees, self-parking is available for $18 daily; valet is $24 per day. There is also a parking garage nearby, walking distance from the hotel, for the restaurants and shopping area, which is free.

    For additional information, please contact Brittany Ryan, Marketing Manager and Event Manager for TT University, at or Julia Hintz, Marketing Communications Specialist, at

    Reserve your Space Now

    Our Technologies

    TT Electronics’ OPTEK Technology is an innovative leader in the optoelectronics and lighting industries. For over 50 years, OPTEK has been providing optoelectronic products for sensing and illumination applications.

    TT Electronics’ BI Technologies, IRC, and Welwyn brands offer the full spectrum of resistor technologies and a broad standard product range, in addition to providing custom engineered solutions.

    Torque & Position Sensors
    TT Electronics’ BI Technologies brand supplies magnetic components, potentiometers, trimmers, contacting and non-contacting automotive and industrial sensors and hybrid microelectronic assemblies to the world’s leading businesses.

    TT Electronics’ BI Technologies and Precision brands specialize in power transformers, inductors, and chokes for applications in the transportation, industrial, and medical fields.

    Discrete Semiconductors and RF Power MOSFETs
    TT Electronics’ Semelab brand specializes in high reliability custom packaging components for critical applications and offer a wide product portfolio including discrete semiconductors, power modules and RF transistors.

  5. Cincon releases new DALI motion sensor MDS-P

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    Cincon releases new DALI motion sensor MDS-P

    Key Specs:
    The MDS-P is a PIR built-in DALI sensor which offers up to 16 different modes to choose for DALI lighting control. In addition, it is powered by DALI BUS with the consumption of 10mA. Detection area is 160m2 under 5 meters ceiling height.

    Key Functions:
    The MDS-P provides 16 modes which is easy to change by BCD switch. Basically, it could be from on:100% or 70% brightness to minimum 1% or 5% or 10% or 20% brightness. Then at the end, it could be off or remain at the minimum value.

    Also, it could be either single group control or broadcast control by adjusting the BCD switch.

    Furthermore, the delay time from the ON status to the minimum is adjustable from 5 seconds to 30 minutes.

    Suitable for areas like corridor, indoor parking lot, driveway, warehouse, storage room, etc.

    Learn More


    PDF Icon MDS-P Datasheet &nnsp; Download (1 mb)

    PDF Icon MDS-P User Manual   Download (4 mb)

  6. EGL2290 Series Illuminated Slide Switch

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    EGL2290 Series Illuminated Slide Switch

    The new EGL2290 Series slide switch offers a unique feature — LED illumination in the actuator. It offers multiple LED colors to choose from: red, blue, green, yellow, white and a red-green bi-color option.

    This series has an SMT mount design with a compact footprint and offers a DPDT circuit with two positions.

    These features allow the EGL2290 series slide switch to be used across a wide variety of applications and operating conditions where illumination in the actuator is required.

    These slide switches are great for the computer/peripheral, consumer electronics, instrumentation and test/measurement markets, among others.


    • Electrical Rating: 0.3A, 6VDC
    • Electrical Life: 10,000 Cycles
    • Contact Resistance: 50mΩ
    • Insulation Resistance: 100M Ω at 500VDC
    • Dielectric Strength: 500VAC
    • Operating Temperature:-40°C to 85°C
    • Storage Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
    • Actuation Force: 200 gf
    • Travel: 2.0mm
    • Contact Arrangement: DPDT

    PDF Icon EGL2290RG   Download (143.83 kb)
    PDF Icon EGL2290W   Download (143.3 kb)
    PDF Icon EGL2290Y   Download (143.59 kb)
    PDF Icon EGL2290B   Download (143.29 kb)
    PDF Icon EGL2290G   Download (143.29 kb)
    PDF Icon EGL2290R   Download (143.28 kb)

  7. Oupiin Introduces HSER – Series 2386

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    Oupiin Introduces HSER - Series 2386

    High Speed Board to Board

    Oupiin’s 2386 is designed for high transmission speed applications where signal integrity is a necessity. These high density, low profile connectors are durable connectors that use integrated board locks to ensure contact points remain in connection and are optimized for clean transmission. A very popular choice for engineers who want to save board real estate while still providing high quality, high transmission speeds.


    • 0.80 mm (.0315”) pitch
    • 120 Pin Count
    • 1.5 mm (0.059”) Nominal Wiping Distance
    • 6.25 mm (.246”) Low Profile Height
    • 28+ Gbps High Speed Transmission

    Signal Integrity Test Report:

    Oupiin’s HSER™ connector shows higher signal integrity test data than the leading competitors for this type of high speed connector.

    Signal Integrity Test

    PDF Icon HSER™ – Series 2386 White Papers   Download (1 mb)
    PDF Icon Male 2386 Drawing   Download (290.78 kb)
    PDF Icon Female 2386 Drawing   Download (278.24 kb)

  8. Ecliptek Case Study- Lighting

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    Ecliptek Case Study- Lighting


    Small scale, low power consumption frequency control products from Ecliptek are ideally suited for Connected Lighting Systems that blend LED capabilities with Internet of Things connectivity. Typically, in CLS, two types of FCP are required: a crystal to support the input frequency for the Zigbee, Bluetooth Low Energy or Wi-Fi, as well as a watch crystal for real time clocking.


    • Wide Temperature Range
    • Durability-High Shock and Vibration
    • Low Power Consumption
    • Limited PCB Spaces


    Ecliptek has worked closely with electrical engineers in the field of LED lighting on projects for connected lighting systems and LED drivers. They address critical issues and offer solutions with their competitively priced products as well as some of the industry’s best lead times.

    Quartz Crystals:

    • EA1012 Series -SMD, 1.0mm x 1.2mm, 36MHz to 52MHz
    • EA1216 Series -SMD, 1.2mm x 1.6mm, 24MHz to 54MHz

    Watch Crystals:

    • E4WS Series -SM D, 1.0mm x 1.6mm, 32. 768kHz
    • E3WS Series -SMD, 1.2mm x 2.0mm, 32.768kHz
    • E8WS Series -SMD, 1.5mm x 3.2mm, 32.768kHz


    Connected lighting systems marry LED technology with the loT to bring value to our homes, office buildings, warehouses and cities in a variety of ways. Ecliptek, an ILSI America brand, produces frequency control products suited to support the phenomenal growth that is anticipated in the lighting market. Headquartered in Reno, NV all of the ILSI America brands offer competitive prices, readily available stock and FAE support for the most challenging applications.

    All Content was provided By Ecliptek, an ILSI America Brand.


    PDF Icon Ecliptek Case Study- Lighting   Download (388.66 kb)

  9. Copperhead Series Speakers

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    Copperhead Series Speakers

    More than ever before, high quality audio is becoming the determining factor when distinguishing between products and driving sales. When the sound quality of your product is on the line, choose high fidelity speakers from PUI Audio.

    PUI Audio’s new Copperhead Series was designed to create a family sound across three different speaker sizes: 36mm, 53mm and 78mm square. Specialized alloy cones are paired with optimized high-energy motors to achieve superior frequency response and output, with minimized harmonic distortion. Each speaker features an easy-to-mount square frame.


    The eight ohm, 36mm square frame AS03608AS-R features a unique spider-less design for free-flowing cone travel that is controlled by the progressive treated foam surround. It is designed to handle up to 2W max power with frequency response of 150 Hz to 40 kHz.


    The eight ohm, 53mm square frame AS05308AS-R features a rubber surround, for water and dust resistance, and a vented voice coil former for improved voice coil cooling. It is designed to handle up to 20W max power and can play from 80 Hz up to 40 kHz.


    The eight ohm, 78mm square frame AS07808AS-R features a rubber surround, for water and dust resistance, and a shielded double-stacked motor to protect sensitive components and for high sensitivity. It is designed to handle up to 30W max power and can play from 60 Hz up to 40 kHz.

    Press Release was written by Brian Coleman; The Director of Distribution Sales & Marketing at PUI Audio, Inc.

    PDF Icon AS03608AS-R   Download (1 mb)
    PDF Icon AS05308AS-R   Download (1 mb)
    PDF Icon AS07808AS-R   Download (1 mb)