As an authorized global distributor of high-quality electronic components, Projections Unlimited, Inc. offers a variety of active products to effectively control the flow of electricity in circuitry. Based on your application, our team of electronics professionals can help you find the right actives for the job. Learn more about the actives we offer and how PUI and our product selection can support your operations.

Types of Active Products

We carry and stock numerous high-performance active components in our product catalog.


These electronic devices consist of two terminals that conduct electric current in one main direction, which is a process known as asymmetric conductance. One direction experiences low or zero resistance, while the other experiences high or infinite resistance.

Switching Diodes

Switching diodes are ideal for switching small signals at a maximum of 100 mA, with a capacity for handling less than 10V, and serving as rectifiers. In alternating current (AC) line rectification applications that involve converting AC to direct current (DC), systems often rely on these diodes.

Schottky Diodes

This is another kind of semiconductor diode that switching, wave shaping, and rectification applications often use similarly to other types of junction diodes. The key benefit of Schottky diodes is the significantly lower forward voltage drop that they experience, which falls below the 0.7V seen with traditional silicon PN-junction diodes.

Bridge Rectifiers

Bridge rectifiers convert AC input into DC output, functioning as discrete semiconductors. Applications such as switching power supplies, white goods, portable electronics, and appliances utilize bridge rectifiers. These devices consist of four diodes that form a bridge configuration, which generates polarity that equals the output voltage for either input voltage’s polarity. In the process, these rectifiers facilitate full-wave rectification via dual-wire AC input. The result is reduced weight and price versus three-wire input rectifiers that use a transformer featuring center-tapped secondary winding for rectification.

High-Voltage Rectifiers

High-power rectifiers use various kinds of silicon semiconductors. This includes rectifiers for high-voltage DC power transmission. These devices comprise thyristors or other types of controlled switching solid-state switches. They essentially serve as diodes to move current in a single direction.

Working With Projections Unlimited

At PUI, we aim to provide our customers with a wide selection of the best RoHS-compliant active electronic devices and brands on the market, along with:

  • Value-added services
  • Economical solutions and volume pricing
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  • Superior customer service

We are committed to continuous improvement through regular staff training and process innovation. As a “Total Quality Process” distributor, PUI’s goal on every project is to do it right the first time. Our team works to proactively identify and eliminate any errors, along with the root cause. Also, PUI partners with suppliers that enable us to give our customers exactly what they want, when they want it, and at the best possible value.

Find the Right Active Products and More at PUI

Since 1980, PUI has specialized in active, passive, interconnector, and electromechanical components. We carry a wide selection of products in our extensive inventory, including audio devices, blowers, cables, capacitors, circuit protectors, connectors, fans, fuses, heat sinks, magnetics, power supplies, relays, resistors, and switches. Our friendly experts will be happy to help you find what you’re looking for to meet your application’s unique specifications. For more information about our product selections and services, contact us today.