Oupiin Introduces HSER - Series 2386

High Speed Board to Board

Oupiin’s 2386 is designed for high transmission speed applications where signal integrity is a necessity. These high density, low profile connectors are durable connectors that use integrated board locks to ensure contact points remain in connection and are optimized for clean transmission. A very popular choice for engineers who want to save board real estate while still providing high quality, high transmission speeds.


  • 0.80 mm (.0315”) pitch
  • 120 Pin Count
  • 1.5 mm (0.059”) Nominal Wiping Distance
  • 6.25 mm (.246”) Low Profile Height
  • 28+ Gbps High Speed Transmission

Signal Integrity Test Report:

Oupiin’s HSER™ connector shows higher signal integrity test data than the leading competitors for this type of high speed connector.

Signal Integrity Test

PDF Icon HSER™ – Series 2386 White Papers   Download (1 mb)
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