EPT Connectors

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EPT means “Electronic Precision Technology” and stands for the high standards of quality we are committed to.

Family Operated and Globally Active
As a quality provider based in Germany, we provide our customers worldwide with sophisticated products. As an independent and family-run company, we have the flexibility that enables us to react quickly to your present and future requirements.

You Benefit from Our Experience
More than 40 years of experience have taught us how highly our customers value the ability to provide complete solutions from a single source. That’s why we are constantly expanding our portfolio of connectors. You also benefit from our experience in the areas of industrial electronics, telecom/datacom, and automotive electronics.Business Areas

Industrial & Communications Connectorsept connectors are used throughout the world for a variety of demanding applications such as data processing and communication, control and measurement technology, vehicle construction, transportation, military technology, air travel, and even space travel.
ept’s core competencies lie in developing and producing connectors that rely on press-fit and soldering technology, as well as machines for processing and tools for press-fit technology. Our innovative ideas for products and our first-rate production techniques enable ept to offer you complete and comprehensive solutions from a single source for all of your connector and processing technology needs.AutomotiveBased in Peiting, Germany, ept develops customized automotive solutions that are produced at multiple sites (Peiting, Augsburg, The Czech Republic). We also plan to begin manufacturing in China in the near future. In addition, we have been operating a plant in Chester, Virginia since 2008.
ept’s approach to connecting circuit boards mainly focuses on press-fit technology using the Tcom press® zone, a solution developed and successfully implemented by ept. The solution has been approved in the automotive industry for years and has proved its mettle in a range of applications.

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