Cornell Dubilier Electronics

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Cornell Dubilier Electronics

Cornell Dubilier Electronics is a privately-held company headquartered in Liberty, South Carolina. Cornell Dubilier Electronics is a technology leader and manufacturer of high quality capacitors used in demanding industrial, medical and military/aerospace applications. Cornell Dubilier’s corporate office and manufacturing facility is located in Liberty, South Carolina. They also have a manufacturing facility located in Mexico and a distribution center in New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Cornell Dubilier Electronic’s Product Offering:

  • AC Rated, Metal Case Capacitors
  • Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors
  • Aluminum Polymer Capacitors
  • Conduction Cooled Resonant Capacitors
  • DC Rated Metal Case Capacitors
  • Film Capacitors
  • Hardware Capacitors
  • Mica Capacitors
  • Super Capacitors
  • Surface Mount Capacitors

Cornell Dubilier is the earliest commercial manufacturer of capacitors. Their long history and knowledge in manufacturing capacitors, diverse product offering and extremely high level of personalized customer service make Cornell Dubilier Electronics a leader in the industry.

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