Zero Profile Press-Fit Receptacles Keep Components Flush

The ongoing pursuit to reduce product and/or package size presents challenges for making connections between PCB’s and devices. With zero profile receptacles, Mill-Max has eliminated any above board connector protrusion, enabling overall package height to be reduced. These receptacles have a precision machined, hexagon shaped flange which is pressed into the PCB Plated Through-Hole (PTH) until flush with the surface of the board. No soldering is required as the press-fit forms a gas-tight connection with a properly specified plated through hole. After installation, the zero profile PCB contacts enable a broad range of devices to be plugged in while minimizing overall interconnect height. They may be used on both traditional and rigid backed flex PCB’s.

Zero Profile Press-Fit Receptacles Keep Components Flush

The smallest of the receptacles has a lead acceptance range of just .008” – .013” (,2 – ,33 mm) diameter while the largest accepts .045” – .065” (1,14 – 1,65 mm). All the receptacles have an open bottom to allow leads to pass through and are designed to have a minimal overall length; useful features for low profile board stacking applications. The open bottom eliminates the need for precise lead trimming.

Each receptacle is precision-machined from brass alloy and is fitted with a highly reliable multi-finger beryllium copper contact. The standard plating for these receptacles is 10 u” gold on the shell and 30 u” gold on the contact to ensure the highest conductivity, corrosion resistance and durability. The gold plating on the shell also eliminates any issues with material skiving leading to bridging during press-fit into the PCB.

For more technical help or if you are looking for a custom design, please contact us!

PDF Icon Application Note – Press-Fit Pins and Receptacles for Plated Through Holes Download (223.47 kb)
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