XZxx168W Series - Dome Lens Rt. Angle SMD LED

SunLED provides a new solution to dome lens LED applications offering more flexibility in the design industry. The new series measures in at 1.8mm x 0.6mm x 1.5mm. With the introduction of this series, we offer an industry leading option of focused intensity in a 25° degree viewing angle for brighter illumination in the desired region. In this product line, we are able to achieve up to 15 times increased intensity over traditional right angle LEDs.

Narrower angles come with the benefit of eliminating light bleeding which further increases design appeal. This series is especially suited for light pipe applications due to a lower angle of incidence. Light rays can be reflected more efficiently and a brighter illuminated region results in stronger backlight and a more defined user interface. A full color spectrum is available for a wide range of applications.

Dome Lens Rt. Angle SMD LED Dome Lens Rt. Angle SMD LED Dome Lens Rt. Angle SMD LED

Technical Features:

  • Dome lens with narrow viewing angle: 25º
  • Forward Current IF=20mA
  • Intensity output up to 2,590mcd

Product Applications:

  • Light pipe applications
  • Mobile devices and handheld products
  • Consumer electronics
  • Icon & text backlighting
  • Home automation
  • Safety and security
  • Instrumentation
  • White goods
  • Audio and video
  • Medical and healthcare

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