Ohmite Release New Pin Fin Heatsink

Ohmite is expanding it’s growing line of Heatsinks. The Ohmite PA/PV series heatsinks use forged pin construction. The thermal efficiency of a heatsink is determined by many variables. One of the main variables is the surface area. The pin fin construction of the PA/PV series produces more surface area than the standard extruded designs. In addition to the increased surface area the pin fin design also allows air flow to be entered from multiple directions. Standard extrusion heatsinks only allow airflow along the fins of the heatsink. With the ability to flow air in multiple directions the designer is released from restrictions typically associated with extrusion based heatsink designs.

Traditional extruded heatsink pictured with airflow lines. Air can only flow along the path of the fins. This single plane (along the X-axis) of airflow is restrictive to design engineers and can create more thermal design considerations

The Ohmite Pin Fin design allows airflow along multiple planes. Air can enter along the X and Y axis of the heatsink. Barriers in product mounting are minimal as air flow can be applied in multiple planes?

PDF Icon P Series Heatsink   Download (2 mb)