Ohmite Is Expanding The FCSL Series

Ohmite is expanding its popular FCSL series. The FCSL series will now include a 0.5% tolerance option. In addition to this new tolerance, Ohmite will also offer two new sizes in this popular series. The FCSL20 and FCSL32 are common 0508 and 0612 sizes respectively. The callout is reversed as the leads are on the long edge of the chips for better current handling and cooling. The FCSL20 carries a power rating of 1 watt with a max current rating of 45 amps. The FCSL32 carries a power rating of 1.5 watts with a max current rating of 64 amps. The growth of the current sense market remains strong. With more applications using current sense resistors, the market demands more specific options leading to product extensions and new product series to accommodate. Ohmite will be expanding its current sense offering as the year continues. Ohmite distribution partners can expect to receive the NPI package shortly on the tolerance and size extensions.

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