TT Electronics

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TT Electronics
TT Electronics is a global provider of engineered electronics for performance critical applications. With nearly 5,000 staff members operating from 29 key locations around the world, TT designs, manufactures and delivers a wide range of electronic components, power conversion, manufacturing and IoT solutions for applications in the industrial, aerospace and defence, medical and transportation sectors. Some of these products are:

  • Sensors
  • Power Modules
  • Resistors
  • Magnetics
  • Semiconductors
  • Connectors
  • Optoelectronics

PUI has been an authorized distributor of TT Electronics for nearly 20 years. During this time, PUI has established a very strong relationship with TT Electronics that has allowed PUI to provide our customers with top of the line service when it comes to all their requirements.  With both inside and outside sales representatives handling each and every customer, PUI is able to help provide a personalized service custom tailored to each customer’s unique needs.

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