Sanyo Denki America, Inc

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Sanyo Denki was founded in 1927 by Hideo Yamamoto. Since then, they have developed into an industry leading fan manufacturer. Sanyo Denki has a strong global presence with their headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. They also have offices throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. Sanyo Denki offers a wide range of products that include:

  • AC Fans
  • DC Fans
  • Value-Added
  • Blowers
  • Various Accessories
    • Fan Guards
    • PWM Controllers
    • Airflow Testing
    • Custom Lead Wire Length

These products are assembled in Sanyo Denki’s factories located in the Philippines and Japan. They also have a testing and support center located in Torrance, CA. This helps simplify the process of quality and performance testing for new projects.
Sanyo Denki and PUI have had a strong relationship for over a decade. From the beginning of this relationship, Sanyo Denki has been one of PUI’s top lines based on stock levels and in terms of sales. This is largely due to the high level of service that PUI and Sanyo Denki each aim to provide. Some features that we offer to increase our level of service are:

  • Bonded Inventory Programs
  • Value-Added Fan Assembly
  • Fan/Tray Assembly
  • Local Support and Shipping
  • Samples for New Projects
    • Fast and easy sample process
    • Free of charge

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