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PUI Audio is North America’s largest and broadest Audio Component provider. PUI Audio has a 67,000 square foot high tech facility located in Dayton, Ohio. Their mission is to be a global supplier offering a comprehensive line of innovative audio components with a passion for exceeding their customer’s requirements through exceptional service.

Their comprehensive line of products includes:

  • Indicators
    • PUI Audio’s Indicators are a simple, self-driven, drop-in solution for applications requiring a simple tone. Their indicators are designed to offer the most efficient solution by combing the useful balance of fit, form, and function.
  • Transducers
    • PUI Audio’s transducers provide convenient solutions to difficult audio requirements. Presented in a variety of styles, PUI Audio’s transducers allow product designers to leverage the power of their own driving circuit or processor to achieve the exact tone, or tones, their design requires.
  • Sirens
    • When the situation demands attention, PUI Audio’s sirens fit the bill — loudly. With products suitable for applications ranging from consumer goods to industrial equipment, PUI Audio has just what you need.
  • Microphones
    • Complementing PUI Audio’s sound-generating products, we offer a full line of electret condenser microphones. With sizes as small as 4mm round and just 1.5mm high, PUI Audio’s microphone line-up makes finding the right solution easy.
  • Piezo Benders
    • The simplest of PUI Audio’s products, our piezo benders, offer the perfect solution when space is at a premium. Multiple tones are required, and high output and low power consumption are a must. These externally driven elements are found in all varieties of products, from media players to smoke detectors. They can even be used as switches.
  • Speakers
    • PUI Audio’s speaker selection includes everything from our 13mm PCB surface-mount speaker to 5-inch, full-range speakers. When an application requires a wide frequency range, music or voice reproduction, PUI Audio’s speakers will answer the call.
  • Surface Mount Speakers
    • PUI Audio offers small surface speakers. At just 13mm, this speaker can be used in place of conventional surface mount transducers to add voice or music to any hand-held or small device without sacrificing space. It offers a low profile with a wide frequency range to reproduce a variety of tones at over 85dBA with just 0.7 watts. The tape and reel packaging allows for faster manufacturing than traditional speakers.
  • Piezo Speakers
    • PUI Audio has a new type of speaker that reproduces sound, voice, or music and it’s only 1mm deep. This new multi-layered piezo speaker is available in two different types: one is frame mounted for use in open air applications and one with double-sided tape that is used for flat panel mounting.
    • Both types offer a frequency range of 300 ~20,000Hz along with the low current draw of traditional piezo devices. The small size allows them to be mounted where other devices are too thick such as touch panels displays, camera equipment or other hand held devices.
    • Additional features include:
      • Thin compact size
      • Low power consumption
      • Multiple mounting options
      • Wide frequency range

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