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Since 1947 the Maida Development Company has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality components for the electronic industry. Maida currently has multiple product lines, consisting of zinc oxide varistors (MOV’s), ceramic disk capacitors, NTC thermistors, SPD’s, GDT’s, TVS Diodes, and X2Y™ EMI devices. From its founding in 1947, by Francis X. Maida, the corporate offices for Maida are located in Hampton, Virginia.

Products offered by Maida cover a wide range of uses and industries. Maida’s zinc oxide varistors are used in many applications that require protection against transients induced by lightning struck power lines. They also provide protection for suppression of transients caused by switching inductive loads from transformers, relays and coils. Common applications include surge protective devices (SPD’s), ground fault circuit interrupters, arc-fault circuit interrupters, power supplies, telecommunication equipment, computer and computer-related products, motor control systems, cable TV systems, portable electronics devices and AC smoke detectors, plus many special applications.

The Maida product offerings include a complete line of radial-leaded [Frank Mada and others with RCA] ceramic zinc oxide varistors along with a line of surface mount varistors. Maida also offers a complete line of high voltage ceramic disc capacitors, complemented by a full selection of safety capacitors. NTC thermistors used for in-rush current limiting and temperature sensing applications are also parts of the product line-up at Maida. Custom design and fabrication of components for specific customer requirements are also available from Maida.

Maida products are component-recognized in the United States as well as internationally by organizations such as UL, CSA, and VDE.