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Kycon, Inc. began operations in 1988 with the goal of supplying cost effective interconnect solutions of the highest quality and with the best delivery record in the industry. The company operates from its headquarters in Morgan Hill, California, with sales representatives throughout North America, Europe and Asia. In addition to this, Kycon has factory locations in China and Taiwan. Kycon’s impressive year-to-year increase in sales reflects the company’s steadily growing product line, custom design capability, and customer service orientation.

Kycon initially started providing D-sub connectors in 1988. Throughout the years their product lines have expanded to include:

They are dedicated to providing the widest range of connectors within each product line they supply. Kycon has always been a leader in introducing newer technologies within existing lines. They have and will continue to introduce technologies for a variety of applications in which Kycon’s products can be used. Ferrite filters, PC99, high temperature plastic on through hole components and insert molded contacts for HDMI™ were all introduced by Kycon long before their competitors.

Kycon and PUI have had a strong relationship for nearly 15 years. Kycon aims to provide the same quality and high level of service as PUI, creating a strong foundation for the relationship between our two companies. PUI works with Kycon to bring unique and custom services to all of our customers.

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